Persepolis QW 3: Art

Note: Click here for more information on Quick Writes, the works I respond to, and disclaimers. Mistakes were kept unchanged. Also, spoilers ahead.

Date QW Written: February 25, 2015

Prompt: (TBA)


One of the most unique aspects of Persepolis is the way Satrapi tells her story through artwork. Using bold and firm lines, Satrapi is able to enhance the experience of the reading. Satrapi avoids more professional styles art throughout the novel and it truly reflects the simplicity of a child’s mind even in complicated times. 

Satrapi’s entire novel is in black and white. This contrast is seen on panels 2-3 on page 18, showing the army in black standing against the demonstrators in white.This color scheme successfully reflects the naive belief of having only two sides in a war: the good and white versus the bad and black. Satrapi’s art style is able to help the reader focus and truly understand the story of her childhood without the distractions of unnecessary art techniques and often distracting colors. 

Using a comic book method is the best method of telling a coming-of-age story because it is able to make the reader feel like a child again and to empathize with Satrapi. Satrapi may have also been copying the artistic style of storytelling from her favorite childhood book Dialect Materialism, which affected her own beliefs profoundly Satrapi may have hoped Persepolis would have the same effect on her readers. 

While a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a thousand words cannot paint a single picture. With this understanding, Satrapi created a graphic novel telling more of a story a million words could not have done better. 

Score: 20

Note: Me = reading-, writing-, and art-enthusiast. Therefore, I loved this prompt.



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