The Woman Warrior QW 2: Weakness

Note: Click here for more information on Quick Writes, the works I respond to, and disclaimers. Mistakes were kept unchanged. Also, spoilers ahead.

Date QW Written: August 18, 2015

Prompt: (TBA)


Within Chinese culture, the idea of names and giving them is paramount in identity. Therefore, when readers learn about Kingston’s aunt, the No-Name Woman, they instantly realize the powerlessness of her in her own circumstances. All the readers know about No-Name Woman is that she was infidelious, had a child, and drowned herself and her child in a well. Every detail of No-Name Woman and her life leading up to the moment, from possibly being raped to caring about her beauty enough to remove a mole with a needle, are fantasies created by Kingston herself. No-Name Woman has no story. She is just a shame to her family, ostracized and powerless. While No-Name Woman may not have been characteristically weak, her weakness was instilled in her by the shunning from her family and her choice of death, known as the coward’s way out. No-Name Woman is the ideal of a weak woman, who was kicked down by the patriarchy and her own family.

A second instance of weakness is shown by Kingston’s other aunt, Moon Orchid. Although she had willingly come to America with the help of Brave Orchid


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