Here you will find my course essays, book reviews, and simple (sometimes not-so-simple) reflections. Feel free to browse the writings of an unapologetically ambitious and extremely detailed teenage girl.

More About Me

On rainy days, I listen to songs edited with rain effects and attempt to work on any schoolwork I have at the moment. On weekends, I usually read and write. I love eating and trying new foods. Don’t even get me started on tacos.

Currently, my dream is to work for an aerospace/aeronautics agency — whether as a media/communications specialist or engineer, I’m not quite sure yet. I might possibly set up my very own start-up. Who knows?

I (and hopefully, my future pet golden retriever) plan to one day live in a loft located in a busy, populated city known for good food. I want to live a happy life and continue learning more about the world.